San Sebastian

Coat_of_Arms_of_San_Sebastián_de_La_Gomera.svgSan Sebastian is the capital of La Gomera and the main hub of the island. It houses the only marina on La Gomera, which is full of local boats and travelling yachts. It is also the main entrance to the island, where the ferries arrive daily from Tenerife.

The area was inhabited by the native Canarian people called the Guanches before the arrival of the Spanish. Hernán Peraza arrived in 1440. Christopher Columbus stopped at the harbour on 6 September 1492 before heading to India, but as we know found the Americas instead. The building in which Columbus stayed whilst on the island is now a museum.

The town now has lots of quaint restaurants and bars scattered around from the square to back roads and beach fronts. The town is mainly pedestrianised, so it’s easy to walk around, explore all the local shops and enjoy a refreshing drink on a street terrace.

San Sebastian is set in a valley which has steep sides. A lot of accommodation is up on these sides with literally hundreds of steps must be climbed to reach them!

All our apartments entrances are at sea level with lifts to take you to the top floor, making them ideal for everyone!

Sites of interest in the town

  • Torre del Conde – A tower/fortress built in 1450, considered the most important piece of Canarian military architecture still standing
  • Museo Arqueológico de La Gomera – a museum dedicated to Guanche’s social, political and religious structures
  • Casa de los Peraza
  • Pozo de La Aguada – Former county house around a central courtyard, where you can view an exhibition on the trips of Christopher Columbus to America
  • Iglesia de La Asunción and Ermita de San Sebastián – Churches
  • Ermita de la Virgen de Guadalupe
  • Playa de San Sebastián
  • Playa de la Cueva
  • Mercado Municipal – San Sebastian local food market, the best place to buy local ingredients
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